Europe Bucket List: 15 things to do in Europe before you die

The vast European continent has so many things to see and do, and with its various regions and climates, we’ve put together your Europe Bucket List.

Europe Bucket List: 15 best things to do in Europe before you die.

With 44 countries in Europe, there is an ample amount of experiences to be had! With so many landmarks and sites, you may begin to feel overwhelmed as to what to do on your Europe Bucket List trip.

Fear not, for the World Bucket List has compiled the ultimate Europe Bucket List with things that you must do across the continent before you die.

15. Enjoy the warm thermal waters of Caldea, Andorra – one of the world’s best thermal spas

The Caldea Thermal waters in Andorra, one for the Europe Bucket List.
Credit: @caligrl11 / Instagram

The often-forgotten country of Europe, Andorra, has one of the best thermal spas in the world. With natural waters that are rich in minerals, this experience is not only relaxing but also is beneficial for your health!

AddressParc de la Mola, 10, AD700 Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra

14. Take a boat ride through Bruges, Belgium – canal cruise through the city

Explore the medieval town of Bruges by going on a canal cruise. Marvel at the quaint and narrow streets, and magnificent architecture of this beautiful town. This is not to be missed on your Europe bucket list!

13. Ride a 19th century Ferris Wheel in Vienna, Austria – for breath-taking views

The Vienna Ferris Wheel, one of the Europe Bucket List.
Credit: Nicu Buculei / Flickr

The amusement park Prater is home to one of the most iconic symbols of Vienna. This ride is sure to give you some of the most breath-taking views of the city of Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Address1020 Vienna, Austria

12. Attend Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich, Germany – the world’s largest folk festival

Held annually, the world’s largest folk festival is not just about drinking beer from steins! Home to colourful parades, fairground rides and some of the tastiest pretzels there is so much to enjoy during these two-week celebrations.

Munich is a must if you’re doing a road trip around Germany.

11. Explore Mont Saint Michel, France – a fairy tale town

The stunning Mont Saint Michel in the Normany Region of France.

Located on an island off the coast of Normandy this UNESCO World Heritage Site should be on everyone’s Europe bucket list. This small town is like being part of a fairy tale, with winding streets, and quaint little shops.

10. Marvel at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland – some of the largest cliffs in Europe

At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, these magnificent cliffs give rise to some of the best views in all of Europe. These cliffs are situated amongst one of the most breath-taking hiking areas in all of Ireland, the Burren.

Address: Lislorkan North, Co. Clare, Ireland

9. Watch the sunrise over Lake Bled, Slovenia – a picturesque dreamland

Lake Bled in Slovenia. Watching sunrise here is a must for the Europe Bucket List.

The magic of Lake Bled is truly amazing, with a picturesque backdrop of a cliff-top castle, an island in the middle of the lake with a church, and spectacular mountains. Watching the sunrise here is like waking up as part of a fairy tale.

Address: Blejsko jezero, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

8. Climb the Acropolis, Greece – temples to the Greek gods

This ancient Greek citadel contains temples to the Greek gods. The most amazing of all these temples is Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. The views from Acropolis over Athens are not to be missed.

Address: Athens 116 36, Greece

7. Wander the streets of Bologna, Italy – one for the Europe Bucket List

The dense city of Bologna in Italy. A must-visit for your Europe Bucket List.

Ancient porticoes extend for almost 40km through the city of Bologna. These arches make the city accessible to explorers in all kinds of weather. Some of the porticoes date from the early 11th century to the late 20th century so it really is like taking a step back in time!

6. Try spot Nessie at Loch Ness, Scotland – uncover the mystery


Situated in the Scottish Highlands this deep freshwater loch is surrounded by much mystery and curiosity. Not only can you take a beautiful hike around the lake, but you can also try uncovering the mystery of the Loch Ness monster while doing so!

Address: Scottish Highlands, Scotland

5. Discover the markets at Charles Bridge, Czech Republic – hunt for the local crafts

Charles Bridge, Prague.

As one of the most famous bridges in the world, a trip across this beautiful bridge is not to be missed while trying to complete your Europe bucket list. During peak times there is a vibrant flea market where you can find tonnes of local crafts.

AddressKarlův most, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia

4. Hike up Uetliberg, Switzerlandfor views of the Lake, Alps and city


Overlooking the city of Zurich, Uetliberg has some of the most spectacular views in Europe! With views of Lake Zurich, the Alps and the city, this hike is not to be missed.

Address: 8143 Zurich, Switzerland

3. Travel by train across Europe – the unforgettable Interrail trip

Travelling Europe by train is one of the best ways to explore the continent.

One of the most convenient aspects of travelling in Europe is that nearly everywhere is accessible by train! Travelling as a solo female in European countries is great and one of the best ways to do this is to get an Interrail or Eurail ticket for the duration of your trip. By travelling via train, you get to see more of the beautiful European countryside.

2. Do a wine tasting – sourced from the world’s best vineyards

With some of the most amazing vineyards in the world, no trip to Europe would be complete without trying some wine at a French or Italian vineyard! Embrace the process of making wine, while enjoying a glass or few overlooking the beautiful vineyards.

1. Watch the northern lights at Tromsø, Norway a stunning natural phenomenon

The breath-taking northern lights in Norway, the ultimate trip on the Europe Bucket List.

It is no wonder that one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights is the top of our Europe bucket list so make sure you check out the northern lights at Tromsø, Norway.

Situated in the middle of the Northern Lights Oval, you have the greatest chance of watching the sky dance with the northern lights. It is a truly spectacular phenomenon that is not to be missed when travelling in Europe.

Aoife O'Mara
Aoife O'Mara
Aoife O'Mara is a travel-hungry 21-year-old from East Clare. Having returned from a gap year in Melbourne, she discovered a newfound appreciation for the place she calls home. Now studying communications and media production in Griffith College Dublin, she is also writing for the university's magazine. When not dreaming about future trips and adventures, she can be found petting dogs, exploring Ireland's lakes and rivers, and taking photos.

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