Why is Paris called the City of Love? Real reason revealed

Every year, thousands of tourists flock to France’s capital city in search of romance. But have you ever wondered why is Paris called the City of Love?

Anyone who has ever watched a cheesy romance movie will know that Paris is the City of Love.

With the Eiffel Tower being the second most popular destination in the world for proposals – after New York’s Central Park – there is no doubt that love is in the air in Europe’s romance capital.

Whether you’re planning to pop the question, are looking for a suitably romantic honeymoon destination, or just want to treat your loved one to a romantic break away, Paris is the perfect destination to feel the love.

But why is Paris called the City of Love? Here is the real reason revealed.

The language – the most romantic language in the world

French is the most romantic language in the way.
Credit: Pixabay / stux

French is considered by many to be the most romantic language in the world and is often recognised as the ‘official language of love’.

The soft, poetic language we know today originated from Latin and rules such as avoiding pronouncing the consonant at the end of a word unless followed by a vowel allows the language to flow smoothly off the tongue when spoken.

A buzzing community of lyricists, writers, and artists that have settled in the city since the 4th-century have added to the romance of the French language with phrases such as “l’amour”, “mon cherie”, and “l’avec amour” influencing romantic traditions all over the world.

As one of the six most widely spoken Romance languages, alongside Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, and Catalan, it is easy to see why Paris is the city of love when you are surrounded by such a beautiful language.

The art – a rich artistic history

Why is Paris called the City of Love? The art.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Often recognised as an art capital of the world, the roots of art and romanticism run deep in the origins of Parisian culture.

One of the most famous artistic styles that emerged from the city is Romanticism, which is known for its expression of emotion through art.

From poets to painters, musicians to sculptors, Paris has endowed the world with an abundance of artists whose work has inspired a tradition of romance all over the world.

Today, the city is full of museums where you can explore this historic, romantic tradition and immerse yourself in the feelings of love. Not to mention theeclectic street art culture that lines the city streets.

The streets and sights – romantic landmarks

The streets and sights are so romantic.
Credit: Flickr / ilirjan rrumbullaku

Romantic landmarks, such as the Tour D’Eiffel and Le Pont Des Arts, add to the romantic feeling that permeates through the city’s streets.

Paris is the City of Love, but it is also known as the City of Lights for its abundance of illuminated monuments that punctuate the Seine that winds its way through the city.

These twinkling lights certainly add to the city’s allure as a romance capital of the world.

The food – gourmet cuisine

Why is Paris called the City of Love? The food.
Credit: Pixabay / Sponchia

The answer to “Why is Paris called the City of Love?” would be incomplete without acknowledging the city’s focus on food.

The well-known idea that the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach is certainly acknowledged in the city of love as the cobblestone streets are chock-full of romantic candlelit restaurants, quaint food trucks, and traditional Parisian pâtisseries.

Walking alongside the Seine with a Nutella crepe in one hand and your lover’s hand in the other is the perfect way to spend a romantic evening in this beautiful city.

Or why not arrange a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower full of traditional French breads, cheeses, and wines for the perfect date day with your partner?

The architecture – beautiful buildings

Paris has some beautiful buildings.
Credit: Pixabay / EdiNugraha

As well as the city’s abundance of romantic landmarks, one of the reasons Paris is the City of Love is also down to its architectural style.

Parisian streets are filled with Gothic-style churches and monuments of the French Renaissance, Classical revival, the Belle Époque, and the Art Deco style, which all add to the romantic feel of the city.

The media – adding to the city’s romantic culture

Why is Paris called the City of Love? The media.
Credit: imdb.com

While not as whimsical as the reasons mentioned above, it is undeniable that the media has added a lot to the romantic allure of France’s capital city.

Often the setting of romantic books, poems, music, and movies, the images of Paris that have made their way around the world thanks to the media certainly answer the question of why is Paris called the City of Love?

Movies such as Amélie, Before Sunset, Moulin Rouge, and Midnight in Paris have certainly added to the image that Paris is the City of Love.

Siân McQuillan
Siân McQuillan
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