Top 30 Cities in the World You Must See Before You Die

With our ever growing bucket lists, it is just fair to say that there are instances to easily lose sight of the essentials. So, we sat down with a giant group of passionate travellers with one simple goal and that is to find the best destinations in the world. Starting from great ancient capitals up to the most modern and extravagant cities in Asia, America and beyond, the following are the top 30 cities that you must see during this lifetime.

30. Venice, Italy


You really have no reasons not to include this place in your list. From its captivating ad picturesque canals and grand basilicas up to the cosy wine bars and colourful homes, there is really no place exactly like this on Earth.

29. Seville, Spain


This is recognised as Spain’s crown jewel. Many visitors will surely be amazed and delighted with the narrow streets in the city lined with attractive Moorish castles, orange blossoms and some legendary tapas joints in Spain.

28. Hội An, Vietnam


This is a very historic port in Vietnam and a UNESCO recognized city with unique mix of Vietnamese, European and Japanese influences.

27. Lhasa, China


Lhasa is said to be Tibetan Buddhism’s spiritual centre and rugged Himalayas nestled in the incest-filled monasteries and palaces in China, making this place one of the most unforgettable views in the world.

26. Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon has it all, the sea, the sun and the decadent and enchanting atmosphere as well as the sunny and colourful streets of Alfama and Chiado in the city neighbourhoods.

25. Jaipur India


This is the capital of Rajasthan and the home to the most awesome gardens and palaces in India. This is also part of India’s most popular “Golden Triangle” that features Taj Mahal in Agra and New Delhi.
These are the best cities in the world that you should visit at least once in your life.

24. Marrakech, Morocco


Making an entry to the medina of Marrakech is indeed a great experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life. You will never forget its maze-like corridors full of stunning architecture, bubbling tagines and vibrant souks in each and every corner.

23. Petra, Jordan


Among the great ancient cities in the world, this place stands out from all the rest. Petra is nestled in the middle of a wind-swept and epic desert. The monumental rock-cut buildings are must-see attractions.

22. Rome, Italy


Walking through this place seems like exploring the biggest open-air museum in the world. There is definitely no city in the world that combines finest cuisine, art and tons of ancient history like that of Eternal City than Rome Italy.

21. Lalibela, Ethiopia


Lalibela is one of the great and holy cities in Ethiopia. This is famous around the world and known for its stunning and unique collections of monumental churches that are craved right to the rocks underneath your feet.

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