The 50 cutest dog names, ranked in order of cuteness

These names are sure to give your dog a reputation as the cutest hound around.

We can’t deny that man’s best friend are more than just great companions. They are loyal, intelligent, and charming. Most of all, though, they are masters of being incredibly cute. 

If you’re struggling to find a name fit for your cute pooch, here are the 50 cutest dog names, ranked in order of cuteness.

50. Mocha – for coffee-lovers

Mocha is a great name for coffee-lovers.
Credit: Pixabay / jklugiewicz

Mocha is the perfect name for dogs with a sweet temperament and coffee-coloured coat.

49. Spot – a classic choice

Made popular by the children’s series of the same name, Spot is a great name for a dog with dotted markings.

48. Baloo – for Disney fans

Baloo is the keen-spirited and cuddly black bear from Disney’s The Jungle Book.

47. Sandy – for light-coloured dogs

Sandy is a sweet name for a dog with a light-coloured coat, like the dog from Annie.

46. Marigold – a floral name

This yellow flower is bright, delicate, and beautiful.

45. Aero – like the chocolate bar

Aero is one of the cutest dog names we've ever heard.
Credit: Pixabay / Couleur

For cute dogs with a bubbly personality, Aero is a great choice.

44. Suki – one of the cutest dog names

Made famous by actress Suki Waterhouse, this is not only unique but one of the cutest dog names for a female.

43. Laika – out of this world

Like the first dog in space, Laika is a name reserved for dogs who are out of this world.

42. Eddie – inspired by the TV dog

Eddie, the Jack Russell Terrier, was the sweet and comedic dog in Frasier.

41. Minnie – another one for Disney fans

Inspired by Minnie Mouse, this is a great choice for adorable females. 

40. Poppy – a cute floral name

Poppy is a cute floral name.
Credit: Pixabay / birgl

Poppy is another great flower-inspired name for your cute pooch, being a sign of hope after the First World War.

39. Mowgli – have you seen The Jungle Book?

Another character from The Jungle Book, Mowgli is a name fit for an adventurous and sweet pup.

38. Bruno – an adorable name for your pup

Bruno means ‘shield’ or ‘armour’ in German, making it the perfect name for your cute protector.

37. Duchess – for a pampered pup

Duchess is a perfect name for your pampered lady, who wouldn’t be out of place amongst royalty.

36. Fiel – for your faithful friend

Fiel is a beautiful and unique name, meaning ‘faithful’ in Spanish.

35. Brandy – great for an Irish pup

Brandy is a great name for an Irish pup.
Credit: Pixabay / Mr_Incognito_

Brandy is one of the cutest dog names for affectionate dogs, with it being warm and inviting.

34. Scamp – another Disney-inspired pick

Scamp was the mischievous and lovable son in the second Lady and The Tramp film.

33. Boots – this is too cute

Boots is one of the cutest dog names that you could give a dog with markings on its feet.

32. Billy – perfect name for a companion

Like Billy Connolly, Billy is an adorable name for a male dog that has dark curls.

31. Penny – a lovely ring to it

Named after the coin, Penny is one of the cutest dog names.

30. Harley – for DC fans

Harley is one of the cutest dog names.
Credit: Pixabay / pixel2013

Made popular by the Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn, this is a great and cute name for a female.

29. Alfie – a cheeky choice

Alfie is a great shout for your cheeky and adventurous dog!

28. Tillie – we love this one

Tillie is a cute and sassy choice for your dog, meaning ‘battle mighty’.  

27. Cinnamon – perfect for pups with a red coat

Perfect for pooches with a deep red coat.

26. Bailey – a friendly name

You may want to brand your dog with a powerful and cute name that means ‘one who enforces law’.

25. Lucky – we all need some luck

Lucky is a very cute name.
Credit: Pixabay / Pexels

For the cutest dogs, which seem to only bring you good luck.

24. Lulu – we love this name

Lulu is short for Louise or Louisa and is one of the cutest dog names you could choose from.

23. Biscuit – want a biscuit, Biscuit?

Like the treat, the name biscuit is great for a sweet dog that is brown in colour.

22. Sammy – an adorable choice

Sammy is not only cute but is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘God heard’.

21. Odie – one of the cutest dog names ever

Odie is the cute dog from Garfield, who is not only loving but also very forgiving.

20. Bella – meaning beauty

Bella is one of the cutest dog names in the world.
Credit: Pixabay / ArminEP

Short for Arabella, Bella it is an endearing name.

19. Dotty – an alternative to Spot

Dotty is another cute pick, short for Dorothy.

18. Buddy – perfect for your four-legged friend

Buddy is the perfect name for your cute companion.

17. Lady – for a posh pooch

Lady is a dog who is not only cute but also is delicate and well-behaved.

16. Blossom – we love floral names

Like the beautiful flower, Blossom is another cute choice.

15. Lassie – inspired by the movies

Lassie is a name inspired by the movies.
Credit: Pixabay / No-longer-here

Lassie was the beautiful Rough Collie dog from the Lassie films.

14. Dobby – for Harry Potter fans

For all the Harry Potter fans, why not name your cute pooch after the character with perked-up ears?

13. Pippin – an adorable name

Come Outside fans will remember Aunty Mabel’s cute companion, Pippin.

12. Snoopy – everyone loved Snoopy

Snoopy became a popular name from the Charlie Brown series, with the adorable Snoopy making the name one of the cutest dog names.

11. Willow – for nature-lovers

You could name your cute pet after the slender and elegant tree.

10. Missy – for your sassy pal

Missy is one of the cutest dog names ever.
Credit: Pixabay / Pezibear

Missy is a cute female dog with an attitude.

9. Bonnie – for your Scottish pup

Bonnie is a Scottish name that means ‘pretty’.

8. Coco – perfect for your chocolate-coloured dog

Like the character in the Crash Bandicoot franchise, Coco is a great choice for a sweet dog.  

7. Roo – one of the cutest dog names ever

Baby Roo is one of the cutest characters in the Winnie the Pooh series.

6. Honey – for a pup with a sweet temperament

A name for a dog who is as sweet as honey.

5. Bear – for big dogs

Bear is a great name for big dogs.
Credit: Pixabay / ClaudiaWollesen

Bear is the perfect name for the big, fluffy dog in your life.

4. Peanut – we love this name

For small dogs, Peanut is one of the cutest dog names out there.

3. Toto – grab your red shoes

Toto from The Wizard of Oz was a loyal and charming dog.

2. Chip – one of the cutest dog names we can think of

Chip is an adorable name for playful and cute dogs.

1. Teddy – for a cuddly pup

Teddy is one of the cutest dog names.
Credit: Pixabay / PicsbyFran

Teddy is our top choice of cutest dog names. Short for Theodore, the name means ‘rich protector’.

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