Top 10 cutest fish breeds, ranked in order

The ocean is home to some of the most majestic creatures that exist on planet Earth.

From impressively colourful fish to iconic ocean-dwellers, these are the ten cutest fish breeds, ranked in order.

Big and small, mammals and marine life, our oceans are a treasure trove of living, with still today so much of it undiscovered.

For those looking to bring some colour and beauty into their lives, read on.

10. Bluefin notho – the colourful fish from Mozambique

The bluefin notho is a colourful fish from Mozambique.
Credit: Instagram / @aquarium_king

Nothobranchius rachovii, or as they’re more commonly referred to, bluefin notho, originate from Mozambique.

They can grow up to 6 cm and are quite colourful in appearance. They boast a red base with dramatic sparks of blue or turquoise, setting them apart from others.

9. Butterflyfish – a group of tropical marine fish

Butterflyfish is next up on our list of the cutest fish breeds.
Credit: Pixabay / zoosnow

The term ‘butterflyfish’ concerns a collective group of tropical marine fish. They are distinct in their appearance. Their shape is quite iconic, as are their colours which are usually white, black, and yellow.

There are approximately 129 species of butterflyfish, and they are usually found in reefs along the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.

8. Fancy guppy – a colourful common addition to any aquarium

The fancy guppy would make the perfect addition to your home aquarium.
Credit: Flickr / Dornenwolf

Native to South America, guppies are a small and stunning type of fish seen quite commonly today across the world.

With over 300 variety of guppies worldwide, these tropical freshwater fish are considered one of the cutest fish breeds for their dramatic colourways and peaceful spirits.

7. Rainbow kribensis – a freshwater fish from Nigeria and Cameroon

Rainbow kribensis are among the cutest fish breeds.
Credit: Facebook / @AquaticWarehouse1

Rainbow kribs are freshwater fish that call Nigeria and Cameroon home. They prefer shallow water and thick vegetation, although they are often coveted by aquarists.

They are small and fast with distinct colours and have unique and engaging characteristics, too.

6. Betta – the Siamese fighting fish

Betta are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish.
Credit: Pixabay / StockSnap

Betta fish, or as they are commonly known, ‘Siamese fighting fish’, are distinguished for their unique appearance.

This freshwater fish calls Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam home, and its image is synonymous with south-east Asia. With a remarkable tail and striking colours, this is undoubtedly one of the cutest fish breeds.

5. Regal angelfish – often known as the ‘royal angelfish’

Regal angelfish are one of the cutest fish breeds.
Credit: Flickr / Francois Libert

A mesmerising combination of sunshine yellow and deep purple. Yes, the regal (or royal, as it is often called) angelfish has a handsome appearance that sets it apart from the others.

This marine ray-finned fish is most often found in tropical Indo-Pacific oceans.

4. Mandarinfish – the most magnificent markings

Mandarinfish boast magnificent markings.
Credit: Flickr / Francois Libert

If you’re looking for the cutest fish breeds, you may want to check out the mandarinfish. This little guy boasts some of the most magnificent markings of all sea creatures.

A palette of electric, royal blue with splashes of neon orange and lime green denote this fish, which is native to the Pacific Ocean.

3. Blue tang – our soft spot for Dory

Blue Tang are one of the cutest fish breeds.
Credit: Pixabay / kjschroeder

The blue tang fish was thrust into the limelight with the 2003 family-adventure animation, Finding Nemo. One of the lead characters, Dory (forgetful and oh so adorable), was, in fact, a blue tang fish.

The years may have passed, but now when we look at a blue tang fish, it’s hard to see anything but her confused face.

2. Seahorse – what list of cutest fish breeds would be complete without them?

Seahorses are so cute.
Credit: Pixabay / arhnue

Many people may not know, but seahorses are technically classed as fish. The term ‘seahorse’ refers to any of the 46 species of small marine fish that fall into the genus Hippocampus.

Majestic yet mini in size, it’s fair to say that these just may be one of the cutest fish breeds in our oceans.

1. Clownfish – the star of Finding Nemo

The clown fish is one of the cutest fish breeds in the world.
Credit: Pixabay / johnnyyip35

The clownfish fell somewhat low beneath the world’s radar before the Disney Pixar phenomenon that was Finding Nemo. Its star: a clownfish called Marlin that travels across the ocean in pursuit of his lost son. Good quality family fun right there!

If you haven’t seen it already, now’s the time to get first row seats to this flick. You may also see some of the other cutest fish breeds listed here in the film!

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