Top 10 spots for hiking in Europe

One of the best ways to explore somewhere new is to put on your walking shoes and get out in nature.

The incredible natural scenery across Europe makes it a haven for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. With that in mind, here are the top ten spots for hiking in Europe.

From rugged coastal stretches to scenic mountain trails, submerging yourself in Europe’s natural beauty is sure to be something that stays with you for a lifetime.

10. GR20 (Northern and Southern), Corsica – trek a French island

The GR20 in Corsica is truly incredible.
Credit: Flickr / Trey Guinn

The French island of Corsica is one of those places that is best explored on foot, hence why it makes our list of the top ten spots for hiking in Europe.

The rugged terrain that runs along the spine of the Corsican mountains from Calenzana to Concha should take around 15 days to hike in full.

9. Via Dinarica, The Balkans – explore Eastern Europe

Via Dinarica is one of the best spots for hiking in Europe.
Credit: Flickr / Romain P

Take a step back in time as you trek the incredible Via Dinarica. Making its way across the Dinaric Alps and Sharr Mountain Range, there is plenty of history and heritage to discover along the way.

The full 1930 km (1199 miles) trail takes you across several countries in Eastern Europe, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, and Macedonia.

8. Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy – a little slice of paradise

Gran Paradiso National Park is a little slice of heaven.

The stunning Gran Paradiso National Park is perched in the northwestern part of Italy‘s Alps.

Covering an incredible 70,000 hectares of territory, including the peak of Mount Gran Paradiso, you can enjoy fantastic views of the Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, and the Matterhorn ranges from here.

7. Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, Portugal – a breathtaking coastal trail

The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail is one of the best places for hiking in Europe.
Credit: Flickr / Cycling Man

One of the best ways to experience Portugal’s magnificent Algarve region is by taking on the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail.

With some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, incredible stretches of sandstone cliff, and mysterious caves, there is plenty to look out for along the way.

6. Mount Triglav, Slovenia – for fantastic views

Mount Triglav in Slovenia is a must visit.

This stunning Slovenian hike is sure to provide you with an array of picturesque views along the way.

Make your way to the summit of Mount Triglav, which stands at an impressive 2864m (9396 ft), to enjoy fantastic views of the lakes below and the surrounding countryside landscape.

5. Laugavegurinn, Iceland – enter a fairytale

Laugavegurinn in Iceland is one of the best places for hiking in Europe.
Credit: Flickr / Jenny Salita

Immerse yourself in the green valleys, hot springs, glaciers, and volcanic rock landscape of Iceland’s Laugavegurinn, which is one of the best spots for hiking in Europe.

This challenging hike should take around six days to complete in full. However, you’ll spend the entire time feeling like you’ve entered a fairytale land.

4. Norwegian Fjords, Norway – for some of the best scenery in Europe

The Norwegian Fjords are at the heart of some of the best scenery in Europe.
Credit: Pixabay / enriquelopezgarre

For some of the most incredible scenery in Europe (and perhaps the world), you need to head to the Norwegian Fjords.

This unique experience will take you across blue glaciers, through lush forests, and past the iconic fjords. Some of the best hikes in the area are Trolltunga, Geirangerfjord, Himakana, Langfossen, or Preikestolen.

3. The Dolomites, Italy – great for history lovers

The Dolomites are one of the best places for hiking in Europe.
Credit: Pixabay / morenoboeron

When it comes to hiking in Europe, it is often the Alps that first come to mind for many. However, the beauty of Italy’s Dolomites is not to be understated.

While this UNESCO World Heritage Site is technically part of the Alps, many locals prefer to view them as a separate range, thanks to their unique feel. Perfect for history buffs, many of the trails here are named after WW1.

2. Matterhorn, Switzerland – take in the beautiful Swiss scenery

The Matterhorn in Switzerland is the perfect place to take in the scenery.
Credit: Pixabay / Simon

Known as one of the most beautiful hikes in the world, we couldn’t compile a list of the best hikes in Europe without mentioning the Matterhorn.

Offering incredible views over the breathtaking Swiss scenery, this incredible hike is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience.

As one of the highest mountains in the Alps, a trek up this snow-capped peak is not for the fainthearted. So, make sure you are prepared before you attempt to take on the challenge.

1. Tour De Mont Blanc, France – for the highest mountain in the Alps

Mont Blanc is one of the best spots for hiking in Europe.

When it comes to the best spots for hiking in Europe, we couldn’t forget to mention the highest mountain in the Alps: Mont Blanc.

At an astounding 170 km (150.6 miles) in length, the entire trek should take at least 12 days to complete. The majority of this trail will take you mostly through the French Alps. However, you will also get to explore parts of the Swiss and Italian side.

Siân McQuillan
Siân McQuillan is a writer and travel lover from County Down, Northern Ireland. While she enjoys travelling to other countries and exploring new places, she loves nothing more than discovering all the wonders her home country of Ireland has to offer. When not writing about her travel experiences, Siân can be found exploring the great outdoors and will more than likely be somewhere near the Mourne Mountains or the Causeway Coast.

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