Top 10 best holidays for winter sun

Giving the summer trip a break this year? Why not escape the frost of the latter months of the year and take one of the best holidays for winter sun below?

Here are the top 10 best holidays for winter sun

Holidays in the soaking sun are usually reserved for the summer months, when the heat burns warmest, and the sky bleeds bluest. However, it isn’t always the opportune time to go abroad and escape home.

Come the winter months, there are a series of destinations across the globe that allow you to rid yourself of the winter chill. Instead, here you can swap it for the comforting cloak of winter sun.

Here are the best holidays for winter sun, ranked.

10. Dubai – for a trip to kick start the New Year

Dubai is one of the best holidays for winter sun.
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Kicking off our list of the best holidays for winter sun is Dubai. There are many reasons why you’ll love Dubai in the winter. A big benefit is the weather in Dubai, as it is warm all year long, so coming in the winter for a bit of heat is a wise choice.

January is a popular choice to visit owing to its pleasant temperature at this time of year, so kick start the new year right with a trip to the UAE.

Temperature: between 12 and 22°

9. Morocco – a cool winter break

Morocco is great for a cool winter break.
Credit: / DEZALB

A trip to North Africa can light up the dull winter months, and is definitely one for the bucket list. It may not be the warmest place to be, but the sun does shine, and it’s worth the flight.

Daytime temperatures can peak at around 20 degrees celsius, a comfortable heat for you to explore the area. Bask in this delightful warmth as you leisurely stroll the city streets and pick a Christmas present or two along the way.

Temperature: between 11 and 20°

8. Florida, USA – the Sunshine State for a reason

Florida is one of the best holidays for winter sun.
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Some parts of the States can be freezing cold this time of year, but travel south to Florida and you’ll feel like it’s summer again.

It’s known as the Sunshine State for a reason. It’s the perfect time to visit the Everglades owing to low humidity and wealth of wildlife.

Temperature: between 18 and 25°

7. Barbados – a Caribbean Christmas

Barbados is perfect for your Caribbean Christmas.
Credit: / digitalskennedy

The Caribbean offers some of the best winter sun across the globe. Near the top of that list is Barbados.

The sunshine reigns supreme between December and April, where sandy beaches, bursting waves, and crystal clear waters greet you under the shine of the sun.

Temperature: between 23 and 29°

6. South Africa – head to Durban for the sun

South Africa is rich in history.
Credit: / Justasurferdude

It is true that South Africa is a nation worth visiting during any season of the year, with its monumental metropolises and rich history.

Not only is it one of the best places to live in Africa, it is also one of the best holidays for winter sun. Durban may be your best choice, transforming into a seaside paradise. You can forget about any snow or freezing temperature here.

Temperature: between 23 and 29°

5. The Maldives – luxury winter sun in the Indian Ocean

The Maldives is one of the best holidays for winter sun.
Credit: / romaneau

The Maldives is one of the best holidays for winter sun in the world, hands down. It is a luxury sandy island immersed in the Indian Ocean.

Celebrate an archipelagic Christmas on the island. This time of year is the dry season, where temperatures rarely drop below a stunning 30 degrees Celsius.

Temperature: between 24 and 30°

4. Australia – one of the best holidays for winter sun

If you're looking some winter sun, take a trip Down Under.
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For those used to spending summer in June, July and August, the land Down Under will be a treat for you. Here, the summer months come calling between December and February.

The sun, sand, and sea are at their peak across these months. For those residing in the Northern Hemisphere winter, come south to Australia for a blast of heat.

Temperature: between 17 and 26°

3. Cuba – a wintery Revolution

Cuba is one of the best holidays for winter sun.
Credit: / Falkenpost

Cuba is a fascinating country. Its 1959 triumphant Revolution continues to hold power in the country, and the mystique and charm still radiate throughout today.

If Cuba is on your list to visit but your summer schedule is saturated, winter is calling. Havana can be warm, but dive southwards towards Santiago do Cuba for a true Caribbean heatwave.

Temperature: between 26 and 28°

2. The Canary Islands – the archipelago for the sun and sand

Spain’s Canary Islands are unquestionably one of the best holidays for winter sun.
Credit: / lapping

Spain’s Canary Islands are unquestionably one of the best holidays for winter sun. The archipelago rests just off the north-African coast and boasts crystal coves that sleep under the slope of the mountains above.

The “Land of Eternal Spring” rises so high in this list due to its subcontinental climate, making it a must-visit in the winter months.

Temperature: between 16 and 21°

1. Thailand – for party islands in the winter sun

Thailand is one of the best holidays for winter sun.
Credit: / sasint

Taking the crown for the top choice of the best holidays in winter sun is terrific Thailand, nestled in the southeast of Asia and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The summer is wet season, but come winter until around March, temperatures can eclipse 30 degrees. At this time of year the islands blossom to become a tropical paradise for you to explore.

Temperature: between 28 and 32°

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